Leaking Toilets

Is your toilet leaking? If so, contact your plumbing professionals from Farfan for a reliable toilet repair any time of the day or night.

A leaking toilet needs to be repaired immediately – not only could the pooling water cause further damage including structural damage but a continuously running toilet or leaking toilet can waste up to 60,000 litres of water per year. This is a massive water and money waster.

If you notice any pooling water around the base of your toilet, your toilet is not flushing, your toilet is blocked, or water is constantly running into your toilet from the cistern contact Farfan Plumbing today.


  • Common Causes of a leaking toilet
    •  The rubber valve inside the cistern may be deteriorating
    •  The wax seal around the base of the toilet has come loose
    •  The cistern flapper, float, lift chain or fill valve could be damaged or worn
    •  The flush pipe connecting the toilet and cistern together may have a slight leak
    •  The cistern or toilet bowl has cracked
    •  Worn washer or bolts
    •  Corrosion within the sewage pipes or toilet assembly

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